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Body Pillow’s function, 1st discovery:
Marriage proposal practice.
How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

one more day (it’s already last day on my time zone:P) till this preorder end. please end my suffering!!! so i can stop checkin emails and counting the days!!!

I already send more then half confirmations, will send the rest later. and all unpaid invoices (except the one that already contact me) will be delete after the date~ hang onnn!!

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Body Pillow’s function, 2nd discovery:
An antique
How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

sorry i forgot to submit the 3rd dayTAT. and i will start sending confirmation to everyone, tomorrow:3

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Body Pillow’s function, 4th discovery:
Companions for drink Ale and smoke weed
How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

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Body Pillow’s function, 8th discovery:
For Sleeping, obviously…:P
How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

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Body Pillow’s function, 9th discovery:
For War Banner
How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

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Body Pillow’s function, 10th discovery:
For Scaring Neighbors
i’ll do little sketch countdown for my hobbit preorder reminder~
n it would be fun to discover how’s people in middle earth react towards this pillow sheetXD

How to preorder pillow can be found ===> over here~

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thank u so so much~

Winner will be announce next week~


Giveaway again, yaaaay~
FYI: Preorder for this, along with Thorin n Bilbo Sheet still open till
28 April 2013 
please go here:===> for artworks
and here for ====>  how to order


What Will u Get:
i’m gonna give this one defected print test sheet as a giveaway prize, coz i don’t have a heart to throw it away or turn it into a mopTvT 

it’s a 150cmx50cm body pillow sheet print test, one sided, with my Kili artwork at one side. it’s fabric, printing, everything are all perfect, but the color balance is too green, Kili look a bit like shrek~

1. Following me not really necessary, but it would be nice:D 
2. You can reblog as many as u want but please be reasonable.
3. Likes will not count.
4. No promotional blogs or fake blogs! i will cancel the winner if i found out it’s a fake blog/blog that made for giveaways.
5. All text part contents must be kept the same (Cannot be edit/delete.)
6. This will end at Sunday 28 april 2013.
7. i will be ship it to anywhere in the world. 
8. will select a winner using random number generator.
9. I will PM the winner (please enable ask feature, if there’s no respond within 24 hours, i will select another person)
10. If u don’t mind too green Kili, then he can be yours~


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yaaaay! at last!!
I start opening Limited preorder for this Pillow sheet, please go here to read how to order: My deviantart journal
EDIT: i’m changing the deadline to 28 april 2013, sorryTAT
and for a good cause, will donating 10% profit to UNICEF Indonesia:D

i’m changing the deadline, really sorry guys

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Fili (and another Kili) print test came today~
felt kinda weird everytime i put my hand on the sheet for comparisson, it seems that i’m touching his shoulder coz , yeah it’s a life size artworkXD!!

and i might consider to close the preorder earlier coz i got hundreds emails since day 1 and i’m afraid i can’t handle these massive orders all aloneTAT 

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coz i’m a f*ckin teaser.~
will start opening limited period preorder: NEXT WEEKEND~:D

now, Good night everyone~

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