I got a new job~

It’s a game company… At last i can work in GAME Company!!!

Ooohh such a dream job!! I want to work in game company since a long time agooooTvT Thank u Lord!!!

N My future bos will be a “cute” japanese dude with Engrish accent, he such a nice guy n laugh alot. Perhaps i need to learn abit of japanese so it would be easy n closer to work with

now i will spend my times on alot of yoga and making avengers fanartbook untill i start working in the new office next next month:)

06:13 pm, by brilandsurrounding 61
  1. 89th-alice said: Wow!! Congrats!!
  2. loobeeinthesky said: That’s wonderful news. Congratulations.
  3. histoire-de said: Congrats :)
  4. carryonmywaywardangel said: Congratulations!!
  5. kenshinta said: Congratulations!
  6. winterwindwhispers said: Congrats~ ^__^
  7. karrett said: congrats Bril!!
  8. goldandlights said: That’s awesome! What will you be doing there (mainly)? :D
  9. itsanidiom said: LUCKY~ Congratulations :D
  10. sophication said: Congrats!!! So happy for ya!♥♥
  11. shirodemon said: Wooo!! Congratz!!! I’m a little jealous TwT
  12. justsayins said: That’s amazing! Congratulations!
  13. whatthenyaa said: CONGRATS~~ I’m working in the same field as well as a game visual designer. Hope you can make something awesome, because I wanna seeee~~
  14. casapazzo said: Congratulations!
  15. gabrielatio said: Congrats!!! Have a nice week before your new job start! ;)
  16. touchedbymisha said: Congrats!!!! :D *beer*
  17. malaikat said: Congratulations, darling!!! confetti!!! XD
  18. kageillusionz said: Congratulations Bril! :D
  19. speakerofthestars said: Nice!! Congrats!
  20. marourin said: <3 it’s so nice to hear when people get their dream jobs. It’s nice to know it’s not just a fantasy T_T
  21. fwips said: congratulations!!!! so happy for you!