Altair “Fuck off, Malik” Ibn-La’Ahad

Ezio “Makes Everyone Attracted to a 65 Year Old Man” Auditore

Connor “Giant-Sized, Sexy-As-Fuck Nerd” Kenway

Edward “Loves To Make Dick Jokes” Kenway

Arno “Please Don’t Let Me Bang My Step-Sister” Dorian

Shay “My Accent Will Win Over Everyone” Cormac

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Broken Elven bridge at the Enchanted River in Mirkwood.

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Till death do us part

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It’s more possible I won’t finish this one. I’m not satisfied with its composition and lighting :/

So here’s the result so far.

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Miss Brilcrist. What happened to your Society6 store? i was about to buy your castiel art for my new phone case, but your store is not the anylonger.

hi there anon~
i closed my Society6 store coz society6 removed Indonesia from their shipping destination. it might sound selfish and drama, but it’s kinda make me upset,for what they did. But again:it’s their policy and their store~ i can’t do anything~ So i decided to close it~

so so sorry.
hope u can find marvelous castiel for u’r new phone;D
(which i’m sure u will, so many gorgeous SPN works there~)

happy shopping~

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Benedict Cumberbatch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


But, you know… full marks for enthusiasm. XD

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