so apparently this is a petition to get the title changed back to TABA

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PJ’s FB officially states that the third movie will be called “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”


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Somewhere mentioned that there should be a  X-Men: Days of Future Past poster with Erik and Charles in the positions of Thor and Jane in this poster from Thor: The Dark World. I tried. :P

A++ would watch 5 times.

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Middle-earth History Meme: Yet more Elves! (The Children of Finarfin & Eärwen … also Orodreth. Because I prefer Orodreth son of Angrod? but I also didn’t want to leave him out…..)

Also bonus accurate-hair-aegnor for Gaia:

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At Day’s End, a small Erwin x Levi fanbook project, is finally open for preorder!

Features 20+ pages/ 16 talented artists / fully coloured / A4 sized.

Every preorder come with two postcards of your choice, depending on which set you want. The postcards are only available during preorder period!

  • 12.00USD/shipping not included (we ship internationally)
  • Preorder will end on May 12.

How it will work: 

After preorders close, we will send the books out to be printed. Estimated shipping of the books will be end May to mid June.

>Artist List<

If you have any questions about the book, feel free to drop an ask!

Yes guys!! the book is ready to preorder!! It’s been wonderful experience to be in team with another eruri fans working with love for our otp /////

Anyway, thank you for inviting! grab a copy and feast on old men love <3

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Dean O’Gorman: Forever being a little shit in Stephen Hunter’s vines

this will be an ongoing series that I am happy to follow

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You and me we can light up the sky.
If you stay by my side.
We can rule the world.

Happy tuesday:D

This Tuesday is the best Tuesday ever.

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