Charioteer is one of Cormac’s meanings. I love this meaning, which gives a hint of the bond between shay and his Morrigan.

While chasing Benjamin Church’s ship with Connor, Haytham remembered the excellent captain of Morrigan, Shay Patrick Cormac, who led him a trip to North Atlantic 24 years ago.

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Deleted my previous entry and updating with this one: now we have Templar!James/Charles and comic panels~

I was making this for celebrating» Michael Fassbender on Assassin’s creed movie  But it seems this one turned into XMFC/McFassy x Assassin’s Creed crossover & yes: there’s rumor RDJ will join the movie cast as Leonardo Da Vinci:)

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since i can not wait until Fassbender’s Assassin’s creed movie released…. Let me just… let this go, ok? and still trying hard to resist designing McAvoy as Templaaarrrr…..

i love costume n character design~ !
(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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Life and death of Andraste

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This is why the internet exists.

i’m so happy

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Connor played a trick on their ponytails XD

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The city is in chaos. We must turn the tide 
We may be different, with different skills 
But when the world is darkest we fight for the same cause.
For we are stronger as a brotherhood  

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In Assassin’s Creed Unity you can play as a melee expert, agile infiltrator, or a silent master of stealth and join forces with up to three friends to take on a variety of co-op missions. Whether you’re tackling heists or assassinations, you’ll need planning, teamwork, and a combination of your whole team’s complementary skills to succeed, but if you do you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

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Wonder Bar, 1934

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