Ok~ Byeeeeee~♬   ( ´・ω・`)

i know that in the game, arno will have “a girl friend” but can we also have this too? it’s a win win for both;w;~ let’s make loves not war~

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フィナルフィン家の子ども達  (The Silmarillion)

Welcome all new followers,Thank you all for your comments,
likes and reblogs.I really appreciate it :)

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Arno Victor Dorian~!
We can finally see him without his trademark Assassin’s hoodie and he’s a hottie indeed  _(:3 」∠ )_

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Hello, I just wanted to say that your art is incredible and I was wondering if you take requests or commissions? Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

hulla there anon~ aawwww, thank u so much~
glad u enjoy my works~

um, sometimes i accept commission or taking request , only if i have spare time. But at the moment my schedule is full~ i will announce it here if i ready to open commission slot again~ thankie for da interest:)

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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